Sunday, August 24, 2014

new relic speed index comparison

If you are a SAAS company then its good to know how you fare against market in terms of SLA, speed index, error rate and other attributes.  It seems new relic has a way to share your speed data anonymous with others to see how you compare with others.

It seems our startup is in 95th percentile in terms of server speed and even though we had 99.979 % availability we are in 54th percentile and others are doing far better than us in SAAS B2B world.

Error rate is high for an almost obsolete backup product is causing the numbers to skew so I would ignore it for time being.

Although what stands out if web page response time for our single page app is in 11th percentile. It sucks, will chase what is going on in coming days.

transposing a video from horizontal to vertical

Wife got ALS challenge and I took a video of her drenching in ice using iphone. The only issue was the somehow I tilted the phone while taking it and it came horizontal. If it was an image then many image editors will transpose it for you.

Now challenge is that I cant ask her to drench in ice again so instead of her getting mad at me to ruin her video (yaa I know the Facebook generation needs everything to be perfect if its posted on Facebook).  So now I need to transpose it, it seems you can do it using ffmpeg in ubuntu.

First try was using

ffmpeg -i ~/Desktop/IMG_0888.MOV -vf "transpose=1" -r 30 -sameq -acodec copy ~/Desktop/test.MOV

but a 90MB file became 350MB which would be impossible to post on FB in 1 hour.

So I gave a second try using

ffmpeg -i ~/Desktop/IMG_0888.MOV -vf "transpose=1" -b 25000000 -sameq -acodec copy ~/Desktop/test1.MOV

where some site said you take 1G and divide it by your no of seconds in video and that would be the bit rate you give in -b

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Do we scale?

For sure we scale, I got this report from new relic out of 2 data centres and even if traffic is increased 5 times the response time only increases 40%.

Having this kind of visibility is great for keeping 99.99% SLA