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This year's plants in my vegetable garden

hybrid tea

 garden beans seedling
 tuver/pigeon pea seedling
 okra sedling
 cucumber seedling
 beet root

toro 7.0hp lawn mower would start and dies within 20 sec

This season after the first mowing on my second mowing my Toro 7.0 hp lawnmower  would start but dies quickly.  I first thought its a air filter issue so I cleaned it but then it again showed same symptoms.  Then I thought its a spark plug issue so I went to lowes and got a new spark plug and replaced it but again it wont start.  So I started googling.

Turned it was due to the gas I was using,  I had some 4 months left over gas that I had used in first mowing and then I got new gas and on second mowing. So either it was due to old gas or the new gas was bad. Anyways googling tells me that its a carb issue and I need to open the carb bolt and carb cup and clean it.  In case you dont know where it is see the image.  This  bolt has a hole and if air filter is bad and grass clippings goes in this or dirt goes in here then that hole will be clogged.  Or if the gas has ethanol then I read that this hole can get clogged

So you need to pinch the fuel line or empty your fuel tank and then open…

2000 unit tests mark

This is a great progress. Six to eight months ago tests were there but not running on jenkins and after I added to jenkins the team has stood up and added more than 1500 unit tests. Thats a good sign because now I am not called on wekeend by Ops team to fix a regression bug.

Still the code coverage is only 35% but we are making progress to improve it, when we started it was near 25% so this is a good progress.

Misconceptions of working from home

People think "oh you work from home", 50% of think you are unemployed, wth.Many people think you slackYour family think you can take an hour off early just because you work from home.Family come with all sorts of requests and enters in your work area many times a day.Kids dont understand the concept of working from home and if they are at home instead of daycare then they can enter X no of times and want to work on your laptop.
Still I enjoy working from home because I get long stretches of time to think and implement cool things for the startup.

Mysql deadlock during delete query and index

I had written a hierachical lock manager using mysql and once a thread finishes it was unlocking by deleting the locks.  The 20 thread perf test was fine but daily some 100-200 of deadlock exceptions would come randomly on some nodes. Now each thread is working in isolation so it doesnt makes sense to get deadlock, the query was like

delete from hie_path_locks where customer_id=? and thread_id= ?

Finally after some hit and try and troubleshooting I found that we had an index on customer_id only and when 10 thread on same workgroup would try to read locks to detect conflicts they would do 

select * from hie_path_locks where customer_id=? and thread_id= ?

apparently mysql default isolation of REPEATABLE_READ would take locks on even rows that are read, check

Adding an index on customer_id,thread_id instead of just customer_id  solved the random deadlocks.