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toro 7.0hp lawn mower would start and dies within 20 sec

This season after the first mowing on my second mowing my Toro 7.0 hp lawnmower  would start but dies quickly.  I first thought its a air filter issue so I cleaned it but then it again showed same symptoms.  Then I thought its a spark plug issue so I went to lowes and got a new spark plug and replaced it but again it wont start.  So I started googling.

Turned it was due to the gas I was using,  I had some 4 months left over gas that I had used in first mowing and then I got new gas and on second mowing. So either it was due to old gas or the new gas was bad. Anyways googling tells me that its a carb issue and I need to open the carb bolt and carb cup and clean it.  In case you dont know where it is see the image.  This  bolt has a hole and if air filter is bad and grass clippings goes in this or dirt goes in here then that hole will be clogged.  Or if the gas has ethanol then I read that this hole can get clogged

So you need to pinch the fuel line or empty your fuel tank and then open the bolt to release the bowl, then you can clean the bowl and use the bread tie knot wire to clean the hole or use a needle to clean it.

I plugged it back and problem solved.

I got some fuel stabilizer and added to the remaining new gas but after fourth mowing I again ran into same issue so It must be because of the new gas.


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