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Changing jobs in recession

Its a tough decision to change jobs in recession as finding a new job in case of eventuality can be tough. I have been through those times once when I had landed in US and just 3 months after the VCs decided to close the company. It was a tough time at that moment to find a job without a car.

But this time its a different story. I am now in a stable company and it has a recurring revenue model and it will run for 5-10 years easily. Looks like I have become comfortable in the job. Even though I put in 10-11 hours daily at the job for 5 days a week I just feel from inside that its time to change. The job is great and I am working in the platform team that develops frameworks that are used by other teams but something is missing. Not sure what but sometimes you keep on asking yourself this question is it time for a change?

I need a new spark in my life and job. That's why when the co-founders of my previous company contacted me for a job I was dreading on it for 3-4 months but were persistent to call me. Than one day one of the co-founder called and did a man to man talk and said "Looks like you have became comfortable at your job and do not want to take few risks". His argument was that when he at the age of 38 with two kids can take a risk of starting a company why can't I take a risk of just switching jobs?

I read it once that you grow only when you bring some change in your life and being comfortable in a job definitely means a chance of becoming obsolete soon.


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