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ubuntu 12.04 freeze

so I was getting random freezes on ubuntu where mouse keyboard or anything wont work.  The probability of freeze increases if I start youtube.  Ultimately my colleague recommended upgrading linux kernel following

5 days after the kernel upgrade and no more crash even if youtube is running in background for almost 3-4 hours.

The only thing I had to for was reinstall virtualbox. Now yesterday I had to install guest additions and unfortunately the ubuntu package tried installing virtualbox-guest-additions-iso with old kernel compatibility and it didnt worked.  Anyways for now its not itching me that much and I will scratch it if it become unbearable, due to this I am unable to copy paste between ubuntu host and guest even though I had enabled bidirectional clipboard sharing.


  1. Why not use ubuntu 13.10? Everything works smoothly there.

    1. because 12.04 is a LTS release and 13.10 is fresh out of the oven and only supported for 9 months. As an enterprise company people want to use stable releases to avoid suprises.

  2. Well April's going to dish out 14.04 which is LTS again so 9 months isn't a worry. Well I went with it and hated unity and hence running on gnome 3.10 and I must say 13.10 with all the apps paired with gnome 3.10 rocks. I wonder how 14.04 with mir would be.

    1. haha I hated unity also but now I somehow got used to it because even though I logged in to ubuntu classic lots of simple things skype/pidgin systray were not working properly, instead of trying to spend time figuring it out in busy schedule, I just started using unity.


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