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Dell latitude find your windows7 product key

huh what a bummer, I had obliterated windows from my laptop and installed Ubuntu on it. Now I had an old XP VM that I was using but as Microsoft stopped supporting XP its a security nightmare if I continue to use it every time I sign in on Skype or GTM.

So I wanted a windows7 VM but I need a license and wanted to find it, I found all sorts of weird answers when I was trying to find the product key. Logging to BIOS didnt worked, logging to Dell support site didnt worked.

Finally I remembered that to solve the hardware issue with mouse when I had brought the laptop, I had removed the battery and there was some sticker under it.

That was a eureka moment :).  I remember in my old dell it was directly under the laptop and after 2 years the letters were barely visible, so dell did a good thing but they need to either put this on the website that windows product key is under the battery or put some sticker on battery or better just put the key in BIOS settings.


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