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Reading concetration mobile vs desktop

I read a hell lot of content these days on zite quora, not sure but something has changed in past 4-6 months, earlier I was a big time consumer of netflix and now a days I rarely watch it. I have cut the cord on cable for past 2 years and I rarely miss it. 

I daily put my son to bed and the guy takes more than an hour to sleep, he will find all sorts of excuses from "I am thirsty or I have to pee" to just get out of bedroom. With kids you got to stick to the routine and consistent else if he is up beyond certain time then he gets cranky and what takes an hour usually takes 2 hours. So for that 1 hour I am in a dark room waiting for him to sleep. I recently started covering a blanket on myself and started reading on my phone, but the wifi in bedroom sucks as its far from Router in study where I work in day time. Also earlier had an Iphone 3GS and it was good for calling but apps were too slow and the Tmobile 3G network used to suck. I switched to Iphone5 a month ago and its super fast. On top of that I switched back to AT&T and 4GLTE is super fast. So this has been a blessing. Now I have almost 30-45 min daily of uninterrupted time to think or read.

So I use Zite/Quora on my mobile to read things. One thing I noticed is that when you are reading on mobile you have the utmost concentration on reading that one and only one article, there are very few things disturbing you.  I dont use whatsapp or facebook or havent even synched gmail on my phone. I dont want to get disturbed while I am in bedroom. I had a discussion with a relative who is a bigshot at a very big company, he lives his life on mobile as he is always travelling, his son who also lives his life on mobile as he is on campus. He and his son peeked at my phone and their reaction was "man this phone is virgin" , why do you even have this phone, there are no apps on it, nor even email. I work from home so 90% of the time I am at home so always in front of laptop and that’s why  I dont need any apps.  Now after getting the fast phone and faster data plan it seems for that 1 hour daily I am on phone with no distractions. But with same logic i am in front of laptop daily but there are so many distractions, if I am reading an article or news in morning then I am getting pings from many people or calls on skype or IM on jabber or even on web there are so many ads and other things on the rendered page. Also there is multi tab browsing on desktop, problem with that is your concentration breaks and if one page is loading slow you immediately switch to other. On mobile you have no choice, if its slow then you wait.  So lately I am observing that if I am reading quora/zite on mobile I  have more concentration than if I am in chrome or FF in desktop.

To end the post on concentration I found this very good answer on quora as to what is programming   I do this a lot of time, I stand in front of study window and I am staring outside or I am sitting at the chair and staring at blank window, or take a 5 min break to watch my fig plants to relax and think.


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