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iphone5 charger cable worse quality I have seen

The lightning cable broke within a month. I was on trip to Houston and in the car it will start charging and then die. Then I went to hotel and put it on wall plug and it wont charge. I had a suspicion that putting it in car confused the phone but restart wont help. I remember 2-3 days back it would charge and 90% and then say accessory not supported. I thought its some bug in new update.

So I went to walmart in Houston at 9:00 in night on a trip to NASA and then got a cable, while I was checking out I found one more customer came asking for iphone lightning charger cable, I was now sure its a cable issue.  So I bought the cable went to hotel and this also wont charge, I went again and got another cable and that one worked.  What a bummer I thought the phone went bad.

Three days after I came back home I called AT&T to send me a replacement cable and they sent me their own proprietary cable which means even they know that the OEM cable by Apple sucks and they charge $30-$40 for it. No wonder walmart guy was telling me not to waste money on it and buy the $15 off the shelf non OEM cable.

Anyways the AT&T cable looks sturdy so far.


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